Responsive Web Design: Keep Up or Else

The Web Dev Zone is brought to you by Stormpath—offering a pre-built Identity API for developers. Easily build powerful user management, authentication, and authorization into your web and mobile applications. Download this Forrester report on the new landscape of Customer Identity and Access Management. Application developers and website managers have been tasked with quickly learning the best practices of responsive web design.

Where Web Design Trends Have Been

Web design trends change rapidly. They come and go. Websites today follow very different trends than they did just a year ago. As web designers, it’s helpful to know what the current and upcoming trends are. It can help you stay ahead of the competition and it can help you meet your client’s needs. Keep in mind that “trend” doesn’t necessarily mean “new.” Many new design trends come from the tastes and preferences of designers and users in design and usability. What makes those changes possible is improvements in technology. Technology is a major driving force and is always helping design move forward. To help understand where we’re going, let’s take a look at where we’re been.

The latest B2B marketing automation trends which will make an impact this year

Marketing Automation has been around for several years now, but in 2015 it really flourished. More companies got started with marketing automation, and others started thinking about how they could begin to use it in future. Our readers poll on 2016 digital marketing trends asking your views on the most commercially important marketing trend for the year ahead suggests that Marketing Automation has the biggest potential replacing Content Marketing from previous surveys. Google Trends also reveals a growing interest in Marketing Automation.

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