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Web Design

Resposive Web Design

The term responsive refers the idea that the design responds the user's present condition, which may involve the screen size, touch controls, and whether a keyboard is attached. A responsive design is one that reacts fluidly as screen sizes and device capabilities vary. For instance, columns may narrow as the screen gets smaller, and buttons may get larger to accommodate touchscreens. Content that is not relevant to mobile phone experiences can sometimes be omitted to make way for essential content.
At the same time, a more in-depth experience is still available on a larger screen. A designer now has to wear more hats, and communicate with more parties in order to reach the end goal, and create a Web site or application that is viewable on a multitude of screens. This is the challenge of responsive design. More


Course Duration:10 Weeks

Opportunities in :

Web Design Companies, Multimedia Firms, Web Hosting companies and other corporate firms