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The Web Dev Zone is brought to you by Stormpath—offering a pre-built Identity API for developers. Easily build powerful user management, authentication, and authorization into your web and mobile applications. Download this Forrester report on the new landscape of Customer Identity and Access Management. Application developers and website managers have been tasked with quickly learning the best practices of responsive web design.

"Apps and websites must be compatible with a range of operating systems." reported that more than two-thirds of consumers will purchase items from websites that are formatted to their mobile devices, and 40% will not return to a site that is not mobile friendly. Interestingly, the source quoted Jordan Crown Web Design's Joe Ardeeser regarding the search implications of responsive web design:

"Google is penalizing website owners because their page isn't responsive," Ardeeser explained. "Some of the latest algorithm updates for the search engine are factoring in whether a website is mobile friendly and responsive. This has made a big impact, in our case actually helping us climb in rankings because some of our competitors' websites aren't mobile friendly and have gone down on Google."

Responsive web design is not only a critical practice today, but also one that's going through immense change, and developers and managers need to keep their eyes on the transformations taking place.

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